The following patents have been registered in Intellectual Property Rights:

S.NoTitle of the InventionPatent NumberName of the ApplicantsDate and Year of SubmissionDate and Year of GrantingStatus
1Phoneme Encryptor For Data Security201741012896J.Ilakkiya2016 -2017Reply Filed. Application in amended examination
2Wireless security camera for stalker and threat identification201941012141Dr.V.Brindha Devi, P.Sharmila(28.03.2019) - 2018 -201909.04.2021Granted
3An Authentication Slip Procurement System for a public Transport Vechicle201941008408P.Sharmila2018 - 2019Reply Filed. Application in amended examination
4An Intelligent Embedded Tool Recognition System for CNC Machines using Deep Learning Algorithms2020102208Dr.V.Brindha Devi2019 - 2020Granted
5Auto Navigation Drone System202041051703A Ponmalar27-11-2020(2020-2021)Under Examination
6Enhanced power utilization and virtualization in cloud Datacenter through Cluster-MG algorithm202041054869Dr.V.Brindha Devi, P.Suthahar17-12-2020Published
7Rainfall Tracking device using IOT202131910625B.Deepa13.3.2021Published
8Deep-Learning Based Temporal Recommendation with Reduced User Privacy Concern in Cloud Environment2021100879A.Ponmalar11/3/2021(2020-2021)22-04-2021Granted
9Artificial Intelligence Based Prediction of Pandemic Situation and Alertness Using Social media Data202141019952M Vengateshwaran2020-20217.5.2021Published
10Staggered Short Transmission(SST) Protocol For Routing During Energy Saving Using WSN2020103027R.Prabavathi27.10.2024-12-2020Granted
11An Integrated Farming Equipment With IoT Control Module and Photovoltaic Arrangement202141026318Dr.V.Brindha Devi14.06.2021Filed
12AI Based Crop Yield Protection and control with efficient use of Fertilizers using IOT together202141009208P.Suthahar, C.Rekha, P.Subha, R.Jegatha, P.Navaneethakrishnan5.3.2021Published
13Tiled Solar Distillation System202141020964 AP.LEELA JANCY13-05-2021Published
14Sustaining Solar Distillation Using Energy Storage Materials202141021564 AP.LEELA JANCY09-05-2021Published
15Effective Smart Stick For Assisting Blind People With Alert Based Object Identification And Recognition Of Route Using IoT202141041804A.PONMALAR06-09-2021Published
16Design and Implementation of Pencil Drawing Robot using Python Programing Language202141042814Shanmughapriya M22-09-2021Published
17An Obstacle Detection System with a primary and Secondary Device for Affixing to the Subcutaneous LA202141053610Dr.V.Brindha Devi,R.Jegatha, P.Sharmila22-11-2021Published
18Implementation Of Intelligent Chatbot Using Deep Learning Techniques.202141048457Josephine Ruth Fenitha25-10-2021Published
19Machine Learning Algorithm-Based Automatic Sign Language Recognition System For Digital Hardware Implementation202141047829K Poorna Pushkala21-10-2021Published
20Person Gender and Age Determination Using Deep Learning Techniques in Real Time.202141048455Sanchana R24-10-2021Published