Project Exhibition

1st prize :
Title : Application for learning using Augumented Reality
Team member : M.Saran , C.Sarath, S.Srinath
Guide : Dr. D. Murugaradha Devi

2nd prize :
Title : Bounty Code A Decentralized Q & A Incentive System
Team Member : Sudarshan Sundararajan ,M.Vishal , M.Murugalingam
Guide : Ms.P. Subha

3rd prize :
Title : Software Metering and Monitoring
Team member : S.Viswanath
Guide : Ms.S.Sujeetha

1st prize:
Title: Smart Health Care Monitoring System Using Iot
Team member: Farjathul Aoufia S,Jesima Banu P,Ramani B
Guide : Dr.D.Gokula Krishnan

2nd prize:
Title : Lane Detection And Road Navigation For Self Driving Cars Using Cnn
Team Member: Neeraja S,Pavitra P,Queency Leena Sawyer W
Guide : Dr. V. Brindha Devi

3rd prize:
Title : Transparent And Immutable Taxing System Using Blockchain
Team member : RAM S N,SHANKAR T
Guide : Ms.A.Ponmalar

1st prize:
Title: Personal Emergency Response System for a Cloud Based Data Sharing
Team member: Lokeswari .U,Saraswathi .B,Vindhya .T
Guide : Dr.V.Brindha Devi

2nd prize:
Title : Systematic Desensitization Virtual Reality Therapy
Team Member: Sai Karthick .K,Vignesh .S,Rahul Swaminathan .G
Guide : M.Gnana Prakash

3rd prize:
Title : Road Safety and Violation Control Using Sensors
Team member : T.R. Vignesh, M. Pravin Kumar, G. Sivamoorthy
Guide : Dr. P .Saravanan

1st prize:
Title : An internet of things for motion detection of surveillance in restricted places
Team member : Elakiya .S, Vibhani .S, Kiruthika .M
Guide : Ms. B. Deepa

2nd prize:
Title : Software piracy and tampering prevention system using core file and timestamp verification
Team Member: Rishikesh .D, Naresh .B, Neelakandan .S
Guide : Mr. D. Gokulakrishnan

3rd prize:
Title : An IOT based system for collision detection on rail track
Team member : Reethu Janani .S, Vaishnavadevi.R, Vidya .R
Guide : Mrs. P. Subha

1st prize:
Title : Alleviating data skew in map reduce
Team member : Abinaya ,S, Pavithra .P, Priyadarshini .V
Guide : Dr. P. Saravanan

2nd prize:
Title : Shop Ease
Team member : Meenakshi Priyadarshini .V, Ashika Begam .A, Abhilashya .A
Guide : D. Muruga Radha Devi

3rd prize:
Title : EAFA-Emergency Act for Fall Accidents mof elderly and differently abled person using android application
Team member : Archana.N, Sahana .S, Madhushree. S
Guide : T.Selvaganapathy

1st prize:
Title : Integration of Sound Signature in Graphical Password Authentication System
Team member : C. Rathai, S. Saigeetha, M. Pavithra
Guide : Ms. J. Ghayathri

2nd prize:
Title : Enhancing Privacy Protection in Personalized Semantic Websearch through Resource Description Framework
Team member : G. Vishal, R. Jeevanantham, T. Diwacara
Guide : Mr. S. Mohamed Sanjar Khan

3rd prize:
Title : Boundary Detection using Wireless Sensor Networks
Team member : N. Shuruthi, S. Jenifer, M. Rojamani
Guide : Ms. K. Anuratha

1st prize:
Title : Securing Interaction In Peer to Peer Networks Using Trust Metrics.
Team member : S. Divya, J. Aishwarya, S. Divya
Guide : Ms. P.Sharmila

2nd prize:
Title : Approach For Identifying Network Intruders Using Genetic Algorithm.
Team member : C. King Prakatheesh, P. Harish, R. Kumaran Ayyappan
Guide : Ms. V.Brindha Devi

3rd prize:
Title : Impulsive Drive in Self Propelled System Using Wireless Sensor Network For Automotives.
Team member : J. Abirami, A. Indumathi, S. Nachiyar
Guide : Mr. M.Gnana Prakash

1st prize:
Title : Summarizing web pages visually
Team member : K. Ezhil Anban, D. Ashok, E. Avinash
Guide : Ms. Brindha Devi .V

2nd prize:
Title : Security of Third party Emergency Alert Systems using Text messaging service.
Team member : S. Selvi, M. Veena Devi, P. Jansileela
Guide : Mr. Gokula krishnan

3rd prize:
Title : Accountability framework for users in Distributed cloud.
Team member : R. Yaswanthy, N. Shakunthala, S. Sangavi
Guide : Mr. Pradeep

1st prize:
Title : Location-based protected and faithful VANET’s for adversity sensor network
Team member : C. Anantharaman, R. Surendran, G. Senthil Kumar, M. Surendhar
Guide : Mrs. A. Ponmalar

2nd prize:
Title : Identifying disease treatment relations using Natural language processing and Machine learning techniques.
Team member : B.R. RajKiran, A. Ravindran, V. Vijayaraghavan
Guide : Mr. D. Gokulakrishnan

3rd prize:
Title : A hybrid approach to detect and localize text in Natural science images
Team member : V. Gayathri, S. Narmadha Harini, N. Nithya
Guide : Mrs. T. Ranjeni