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Oracle Academy Centre

Oracle academy provides a detailed learning on the most on-demand language “JAVA”. This course of study engages students to give a tiring practice in JAVA platform. Students are introduced to object-oriented concepts, terminology, syntax, and the steps required to create basic Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities. Students will learn to program in 3-D animations, develop 2-D games and create Java applications. The entire duration of the course is 90 hours. Total course time includes instruction, self-study/homework, practices, projects, and assessment.

Students who wish to turn predominant in Java can start their Java programming experience in ORACLE ACADEMY and can learn how to create animations, games, and applications using fun and engaging tools. This course is a suitable foundational class for computer science majors and non-majors alike, and useful for the students who prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam. Under each topic, quizzes are provided to check the student’s understanding capability
Here three major environments are fetched to the students namely:


In this platform, students are trained to write programs using

  • Methods,
  • Variables and Parameters Working with Source Code and Documentation
  • Developing and Testing an Application Using Randomization and Understanding Dot Notation Constructors Defining Methods


Here the students are trained in concepts to

  • Add and Position Objects
  • Use Procedures and Arguments
  • Add Rotation and Randomization
  • Declare Procedures
  • Use Control Statements
  • Use Functions
  • Use the IF and WHILE Control Structures


Here the students are mastered in java concepts and they are trained in topics like

  • Defining Methods
  • Creating a World, Animating Actors, and Ending a Game
  • Understanding Abstraction
  • Using Loops, Variables, and Strings
  • Creating inventory management.

Once the students are given training, ORACLE ACADEMY conducts a final examination on java concepts. Pass percentage of the examination is 70%.Once the students crack the exams , the students are provided with the ORACLE COURSE CERTIFICATION on java.