100 % Results

100% Results

Academic Results

Year of PassingPass Percentage
201390.9 %
201494.82 %
The following faculties of our department have procured 100% results on various subjects.
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Ms.V.Brindha DeviComputer Networks
2Ms.A.Ponmalar1.Data Mining and Data WareHousing
2.Programming and Data Structures-II
3Mr.D.GokulaKrishnanProgramming and Data Structures-II
4Mr.M.GnanaprakashComputer Programming
5Mrs.C.RekhaComputer Programming
6Ms.S.SujeethaSoftware Testing
7Ms.B.DeepaComputer Programming
8Ms.J.Ghayathri1.Software Testing
2. Computer Programming
9Ms.P.Sharmila1.Information Management
2.Programming and Data Structures-II
10Mohammed Sanjar KhanGrid and Cloud Computing
11Ms.J.IlakkiyaInformation Management
12Ms.K.AnurathaObject Oriented Analysis and Design
13Mr.T.SelvaganapathyComputer Programming
14Ms.R.Jegatha1.Computer Architecture
2.Object Oriented Analysis and Design
15Ms.P.Leela jancyComputer Networks
16Ms.P.SubhaDatabase Management Systems
17Mr.P.SuthaharDatabase Management Systems
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Ms.A.PonmalarSoftware Project Management
2Mr.D.GokulaKrishnanProfessional Ethics in Engineering
3Ms.C.RekhaProfessional Ethics in Engineering
4Ms.S.SujeethaService Oriented Architecture
5Ms.J.GhayathriMobile Computing
6Ms.P.SharmilaService Oriented Architecture
7Mr.S.MohamedSanjarKhanTotal Quality Management
8Ms.C.RekhaProfessional Ethics in Engineering
9Ms.J.Ilakkiya1.Mobile Computing
2.Design and Analysis of Algorithm
10Mr.T.SelvaganapathyBio Informatics
11Dr.D.Muruga Radha DeviBio Informatics
12Ms.R.RashmiSoftware Architecture
13Mr.P.SuthaharSoftware Project Management
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Ms.V. Brindha DeviMobile communication
2Ms.V. Brindha DeviComputer Networks
3Ms.B. DeepaService Oriented Architecture
4Ms.K. AnurathaSoftware Testing
5Ms.C.RekhaGraphics and Multimedia
6T. SelvaganapathyComputer Networks
7Ms.S. SujeethaComputer Architecture
8Mr.D. Gokula KrishnanProgramming and Datastructures II
9Mr.M.GnanaPrakashOperating Systems
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Ms.A.PonmalarTotal Quality Management
2Ms.C.RekhaProfessional Ethics
3Ms.J.GhayathriMobile Computing
4Ms.P.SharmilaTotal Quality Management
5Mr.T.Selva GanapathyMobile Computing
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Ms.P. SharmilaService Oriented Architecture
2Mr.M. GnanaprakashComputer Graphics
3Ms.A. PonmalarSoftware Project Management
4Ms.J. GhayathriSoftware Testing
5Mr. Mohamed Sanjar KhanInformation Security
6Mr.D. GokulaKrishnanJava Programming
7Ms.C. RekhaSystem Software
8Ms.V. Brindha DeviComputer Networks
9Mr.N. Oral RobertDigital Signal Processing
10Ms.S. SujeethaInformation Theory & Coding
11Ms.P. Leela JancyDatabase Management Systems
12Ms.B. DeepaComputer Architecture
13Ms.M. MadhaviEnvironmental Science and Engineering
14Ms. MurugaRadha DeviDatabase Management Systems
15Ms.K. AnurathaComputer Programming
16Ms.J. IlakkiyaComputer Programming
17Ms.J. GhayathriComputer Programming
18Ms.P. SharmilaComputer Programming
19Mr.D. Gokula KrishnanComputer Programming
20Mr.T. Selva GanapathyComputer Programming
21Mr.M. GnanaprakashComputer Programming
22T. SelvaganapathyComputer Programming
23Ms.J. IlakkiyaTheory of Computation

S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Ms.J. IlakkiyaProfessional ethics in Engineering
2Ms.J. GayathriObject Oriented Analysis and Design
3Ms.M. MadhaviCryptography and Network Security
4Ms.V.Brindha DeviEmbedded Systems
5Mr.M.GnanaPrakashSoftware Engineering
6Ms.C.RekhaSoftware Engineering
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Ms.S. SujeethaIT2302-Information Theory & Coding
2Ms.A. PonmalarIT2403-Software Project Management
3Mr.M. GnanaprakashGE6151 – Computer Programming
4Ms.P. SharmilaGE6151 – Computer Programming
5Mr.D. GokulaKrishnanIT2301 - Java Programming
6Ms.J. GhayathriCS2203-Object oriented Programming
7Ms.B. DeepaIT2042-Information Security
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Ms.A. PonmalarIT2352-Cryptography & Network Security
2Ms.J. GhayathriIT2351-Network Programming & Management
3Ms.M. MadhaviGE2025-Professional Ethics in Engineering
4Ms.S. SujeethaCS2353- Object Oriented Analysis and Design
5Ms.S. SujeethaCS6301-Programming & Data Structures I
6Mr.D. GokulaKrishnanCS6301-Programming & Data Structures I
7Ms.V. Brindha DeviIT2354- Embedded Systems
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Ms.A. PonmalarIT2403-Software Project Management
2Mr.M. GnanaprakashGE2112 - Fundamentals of Computing
3Mr.D. GokulaKrishnanEC2202-Data Structures and OOPs
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Mr.D. GokulaKrishnanIT2301 - Java Programming
2Mrs.A. Ponmalar131304 - Data Structures and Algorithms
S.NOStaff NameSubject
1Mrs.P. Leela JancyIT2354 - Embedded Systems
2Mrs.B. DeepaGE2022 - Total Quality Management
3Mrs.B. DeepaCS2253-Computer organization and Architecture
4Ms.M. MadhaviGE2025-Professional Ethics in Engineering
S.NoStaff NameSubject
1Mr.M. GnanaprakashGE2112 - Fundamentals of Computing